New Year New You

La Belle et la Bête

Sun 7 January // 15:00

Jean Cocteau’s sublime adaptation of Madame Leprince de Beaumont’s fairy-tale masterpiece, in which the pure love ... [more]

New Year New You


Sun 7 January // 17:30

Seconds is the hallucinatory nightmare of Arthur Hamilton, who takes dramatic and drastic action to escape ... [more]

New Year New You

Eyes Without a Face

(Les yeux sans visage)

Thu 11 January // 20:00

Both cruel and tender, Eyes Without a Face, Georges Franju’s unique blend of pulp, horror and ... [more]

New Year New You

Donkey Skin

Sun 14 January // 15:00

In this lovingly crafted, wildly eccentric adaptation of a classic French fairy tale, Jacques Demy casts ... [more]

New Year New You

3 Women

Sun 14 January // 17:30

A story that came to him in a dream, Robert Altman’s 3 Women explores the intimate ... [more]

20th Century Flicks:

The Lady Eve

New Year New You

Thu 18 January // 20:00

Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck), a con-artist on the hunt for a new rich victim, meets Charles ... [more]

New Year New You

The Singing Ringing Tree

Sun 21 January // 15:00

A prince, a princess, a quest, a strange land behind a waterfall, a huge goldfish, a ... [more]

Hellfire Video Club presents


New Year New You

Fri 26 January // 20:00

A singular slice of DIY insanity! In a not dissimilar scenario to modern cult fave ‘The ... [more]