The Cubic Inner Space Agency Presents

Lunar Orbit Screening Party

with Alex Paterson, Joe Muggs (Q&A + DJ sets) & guests

Fri 22 September // 19:00

A fine Friday night ambient bliss out at the Microplex with a screening of the award ... [more]

Bristol Radical history Group Present

Journey to Justice, Battling for Bristol

Bristol Film regarding the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights in America

Mon 9 October // 20:00

"Battling for Bristol" will be an evening of films, put on by the Bristol Radical History ... [more]

Some sandstone climbs in the Frome Valley at Bristol

Wed 11 October // 20:00

The Frome Valley on the edge of Bristol has defined the essence of esoteric for many ... [more]

Circus City presents

Pirates of Salé

Sun 22 October // 17:00

On Morocco’s old pirate coast, we follow four young people on a tough journey of transformation ... [more]


- [open screen short film night] -

Wed 22 November // 19:30

Welcome to Bluescreen! Bluescreen is The Cubes & Bristols longest running SHORT FILM night & YOUR ... [more]